Macat is a unique start-up incorporated in the UK to assess and foster critical thinking skills. Macat defines ‘critical thinking’ as the component skills of problem-solving, analysis, creative thinking, interpretation, evaluation and reasoning (PACIER).  

More than a decade of research and a $30 million investment have positioned Macat to become a significant player in the global skills assessment and development market. Projected to impact one billion people globally, if the gaps in this market are unaddressed, it could result in losses to global GDP that exceed $30 trillion by 2030.

The OECD and Macat International have started a strategic joint research project to develop a standardised assessment of creativity and critical thinking for global higher education that will build on Macat’s assessment/training framework, current standardised test, training content and expertise and will complement the work that the OECD has completed with ACT, ETS and CLA+ in PISA, AHELO and PIAC.

Macat’s process – test, teach and track – and its products – the PACIER Assessment, the PACIER Library and the PACIER Masterclass, under the guidance of a world-class board of directors and an ‘A’ management team, form a strong and coherent response to the global skills gap and crisis.