Peregrine Global Services

Peregrine Global Services is the globally recognised leader in providing online assessment services, online educational solutions, higher education support services, and professional development solutions for business and industry.

Peregrine’s Global Business Education assessment services are available in British English, Spanish, French, German, Mongolian, Russian, and Portuguese with regional and country-specific aggregate comparison pools. The services are customised to the academic programme and designed to address institutional and programmatic accreditation requirements related to quality, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Peregrine’s Educational Services include Academic Levelling Courses, Business School Resource Center, Launch & Learn: Online Courses and Programs, EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment, Online Leadership Courses, Write & Cite: An Academic Writing Readiness Course, and OneDay Strategy Simulation: An Interactive Learning Experience.

Peregrine Global Services solves accreditation challenges with customised academic solutions to improve the quality of higher education throughout the world. We are your thought-partner in higher education.