Sponsor: Unimy

Unimy sees culture – and not rankings – as the route to comparing Business Schools, and as the key predictor of student success.

Culture is becoming an increasingly important factor in candidates’ School selection. However, prospective students rely on limited and non-objective information. The MBA Cultural Map presents a data-based picture of Business Schools’ diversity without assigning positive or negative value to their unique characteristics. In this way, it provides an alternative to school rankings.

At present, The MBA Cultural Map is based on 4,850 survey responses by students, alumni, and faculty from 115 accredited Business Schools. It describes the life inside a school’s community in terms of its beliefs and behaviours along six basic dimensions.

The MBA Cultural Map is developed by Unimy, an MBA selection platform which is part of Advent Group. Unimy combines nearly 20 years of candidate orientation experience with AI technology to match students and Business Schools.

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