Meet the sponsors

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Kortext is a world-renowned digital content and student experience expert, leading the way for digitally enhanced teaching and learning in the global education community.

Kortext is the creator of Kortext Arcturus, a student learning experience and engagement platform providing academic institutions and their students with a gateway to more than two million digital textbooks and learning content from more than 4,700 leading publishers. Thousands of universities and business schools in more than 100 countries partner with Kortext to deliver digital learning materials directly to their students.

Kortext’s purpose is simple: to empower universities to educate the next generation of difference makers through:  

  • Providing the learning tools and content, via a smart platform, to enable study, connection and collaboration 
  • Developing advanced functionality for academics, students and librarians  
  • Integrating workflows that aid the discovery, acquisition, access and use of learning content 
  • Delivering insightful data on study patterns, behaviours and content usage to academics, librarians, course leaders, university administration and leadership

All of the above is focused on better supporting students’ experience, retention, progression and outcomes.


The Canvas Learning Management Platform is developed and fully supported by Instructure, a SaaS technology company dedicated to helping people learn from the first day of school to the last day of work.

Canvas delivers an extensible ecosystem that allows institutions to build a digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges they face. Canvas simplifies teaching, elevates learning, and eliminates the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies. Canvas is made up of a powerful set of highly integrated learning products that allow institutions to address the teaching and learning requirements with technology and innovation.

Canvas is a simple, engaging, reliable, and open Learning Management Platform that also facilitates easy integration with over 400+ education technology partners to support your digital campus today and well into the future.

BlueSky Education is the media consultant of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious and ambitious universities and Business Schools. It helps clients enhance their profiles and visibility in key markets around the globe.   

BlueSky Education’s services include promoting faculty expertise, positioning the dean, programme promotion, and boosting brands using the media.

Over the past decade, BlueSky Education has become a globally recognised industry leader in offering effective PR, media relations and communications services to the business and higher education sectors. BlueSky Education takes a genuinely holistic approach to helping clients engage in the most effective way with their key target audiences from potential students and new faculty hires to corporate buyers, partner institutions and funding bodies. It secures effective coverage in influential media titles all over the world.

Give your students the content they need with Perlego, your online learning library of more than one million books from leading higher education publishers. Perlego works in partnership with more than 200 institutions worldwide to enable teaching excellence and support digital innovation with affordable and seamless access to online materials.

Students and faculty shouldn’t have to learn a new interface every time they open a book. Students can benefit from an enhanced learning experience, via Perlego’s online reader and app. Study features like notes and highlights, saved across all books in a handy notebook, make studying more engaging while instant citations and referencing features save them time.

Reduce the number of tools your faculty needs to adopt with a whole library in one platform. Faculty can also create workspaces to group recommended and required reading with books across Perlego, as well as external links. With the ability to create reading assignments, faculty can track student progress easily, spot areas where additional support is needed and use the metrics to plan their next class. 

Cesim is the world’s leading provider of multilingual, multidisciplinary business simulations that help educators improve student engagement and employability. Our simulations put responsible management into action as an integrated part of business strategy and reward long-term value creation. Schools in more than 40 countries are already improving their learner success with Cesim.

Cesim was born 25 years ago from the realization that business and management was learned in silos. Learners seldom got to experience competitive dynamics, the interactions between different functions, or what it means to cope with uncertainty. The theoretical foundation of the business simulation methodology is experiential learning, and our mission is to make this available and affordable to the widest possible audience with relevant content.