The Strengths Webinar with Sally Bibb

Date: 6 March 2023 | Time: 14:00 – 15:00 GMT

Are you wondering why you’re unhappy in your job position?

In this session, Sally Bibb will reveal why it is important to know what your strengths are and how this knowledge can help you make the right work and personal life choices to be happy and fulfilled.

The session is based on Sally’s book, The Strengths Book, which aims to revolutionise your life by helping you to identify what exactly makes you happy so that you will make the right choices; decide whether a job, activity or course is right for you; and understand why things seem to flow with some activities and some people, and not others.

About our speaker

Sally Bibb

Sally Bibb is a leading figure in the strengths movement and is the author of several business books. She is a management  consultant and previously worked at The Economist. 

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