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In our humble opinion: adventures in sustainable performance

The environmental and societal challenges we face today are like nothing we have ever seen. Many of us now know that business as usual is no longer an option, but the alternative path of action seems unclear and fraught with difficulty. Stuart McLachlan and Dean Sanders talk us through the need for humility in business when it comes to staying the course

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Ambition: The rising demand for DBAs

The rising demand for DBAs

Today’s global business environment has led to rising demand for more advanced qualifications. Aston University’s Geoff Parkes explains how a DBA degree can help leaders meet employer demands and identify cutting-edge solutions to business problems

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Ambition: How to lead with authenticity

How to lead with authenticity

Experienced executive Jim Fielding explains why his leadership philosophy revolves around authenticity and outlines how today’s challenges can be met by creating respectful and empowering work environments

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Don’t worry, learn how to make your workforce happy

Since the pandemic, organisations everywhere have had to reckon with a newly emboldened workforce, whose values have changed and who can easily vote with their feet if those values aren’t met. To celebrate Happiness at Work Week, which runs from 25-29 September, Dominic Ashley-Timms offers his take on all the things they never taught you at business school

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France dominates FT’s MiM rankings

With 21 entries, French business schools comprise a fifth of all institutions in the 2023 Financial Times master’s in management (MiM) ranking, ahead of 10 from the UK led by London Business School, which claimed third place

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Right-brain thinking at work

Most of us have been taught to be left-brain dominant at work, but activating the right part of the brain is key to boosting creativity and collaboration, so how can you best achieve this? Yda Bouvier has some compelling ideas

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Credit where it’s due: the accreditation journey

The recently held AMBA & BGA Accreditation Forum looked at how to manage multiple school accreditations and heard from seasoned business school practitioners on the best way to handle the accreditation process. Ambition editor Colette Doyle reports

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global mobility

How to get connected: building better virtual teams

In today’s interconnected world, businesses are increasingly relying on virtual teams to carry out projects that span across time zones and continents. Here, Jenni Miller and Alison Grieve identify four vital areas for managers to focus on

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Audencia appoints new dean

Following its recruitment process for a new general director, Nantes-based Audencia Business School has selected Sébastien Tran, who will take up his new position on 5 January next year. Until then, Laurent Métral, who has been president since 2016, will continue to act as interim dean

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The power of difference: managing ADHD at work

While ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is, ultimately, a neuro-developmental condition, attributes such as creativity, innovation and hyper-focus have been scientifically linked with it. Here, Leanne Maskell outlines 10 strategies for leaders to work with ADHD rather than against it

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Leadership advice

Leading by example

Leadership starts with leading ourselves. If we don’t have our own heads in order, what right do we have to attempt to manage others? When we start with ourselves, we can achieve a specific ‘leadership mindset’ that allows us to lead with clarity, focus and the determination to achieve our goals, as Jodi Cottle explains here

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employee wellbeing

Beyond 9-to-5: Safeguarding employee health and wellbeing

Despite business leaders taking a more strategic approach to employee wellbeing, cases of employee stress and burnout continue to rise. Vicky Smith suggests some pertinent solutions for dealing with staff who are finding it hard to cope with modern-day workplace demands

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