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Ambition: The multiple roles of individuals in developing countries

The multiple roles of individuals in developing countries

A paper entitled, “Can I sell you avocados and talk to you about contraception? Well, it depends which comes first: anchor roles and asymmetric boundaries”, slated for publication in the Academy of Management Journal, looks at the different roles that people in the developing world play. Ellen Buchan reports

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Car cushioning causes casualties

To reduce the societal and public health impact of road accidents, policymakers should incentivise against bigger cars, according to to BI Norwegian Business School’s Luk Warlop. Tim Banjeree Dhoul finds out more

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Ambition: Mindful minimises monotony

Mindfulness minimises monotony

What impact does mindfulness have on those working more manual jobs, often characterised by monotony? Ellen Buchan reports on research conducted by the University of Essex Business School

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In defence of robots

A study by the Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences has shown that, rather than causing humans to lose their jobs, robots can lead to more employment and an upsurge in productivity, reports Tim Banjeree Dhoul

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Skills for future success

When we think about the skills required for career success we need to consider not just the jobs that exist today, but the sort of jobs that may exist in the future, as Bernard Marr explains

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soft skills

How to sharpen up your soft skills for 2023

It’s been a turbulent year for business – the importance of soft skills is only going to grow as companies continue to adapt to hybrid working and navigate the onslaught of current challenges, as Laura Ashley-Timms explains

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Sobriety in the spotlight

Against the backdrop of climate change, the war in Ukraine is forcing us to rethink our energy use. As a result, a new idea is emerging in our political leaders’ rhetoric: energy sobriety. Professor Sandrine Frémeaux elaborates

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golden crystal ball
future of work

Back to basics

In a world convulsed by the unpredictable effects of extreme weather, geopolitical rivalry, economic upheaval and rapid, technology-driven change, Jeremy Kourdi is your guide to the lessons that leaders can take away from the past year

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Ambition: MBA time management tips

MBA time management tips

Time management is an essential skill for any MBA programme. Alliance Manchester Business School’s Nia Watkin Jones offers some advice on planning and using your time effectively

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Ambition: BSBI roundtable tackles resource shortages

BSBI roundtable tackles resource shortages

In the week when Russia halted gas supplies to Europe via a major pipeline, Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) explored the challenges many countries are facing on the energy supply front during its first provost roundtable, reports Colette Doyle

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Ambition: How to handle your first leadership role

How to handle your first leadership role

You’re new into a senior management role and you are now a leader. All your hard work has paid off and you have secured that promotion – so where do you go from here? Manley Hopkinson is on hand with some savvy ideas

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