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GISMA Business School
Country: Germany
Course: Global MBA Distance Learning
Qualification: MBA
Duration: 24 months
Delivery Mode: Online
Cost: 10k to 20k
About the School

Since its foundation in 1999, GISMA Business School has paved the way for talented and qualified people to enter the international business world. Equipped with an interdisciplinary foundation and digital literacy, our graduates are able to pinpoint problem situations in companies of all sizes, start-ups or other organisations, and develop innovative solutions with commitment, motivation and creativity. With our goals in mind, we continue to expand and support students from all over the world to find their dream job and be successful.

As a state-recognised university, GISMA Business School awards its own Bachelor's and Master's degrees. In addition, we enjoy the trust of some of the best universities in Europe to offer their degree programmes through GISMA.

About the course
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