AMBA Book Club: Exercising Your Ethics

Exercising Your Ethics

Leslie E Sekerka


In a world that seems to reward winning, regardless of how it is achieved, we need a clearer reason for wanting to be and become our best selves.

Exercising Your Ethics aims to explain the messy business of workplace ethics in a way that is relatable and relevant. Readers will learn to build moral strength and encourage its development in others, while also recognising moral vulnerability traps.

It is for people who want to do the right thing, but may not be sure what that means, how to go about it, or how to withstand the forces that may push them away from wanting to be ethical.

Leslie E Sekerka is a Professor Emeritus of Business Ethics and founding Director of the Ethics in Action Center at Menlo College, located in Silicon Valley. Illustrator, Ralph Underhill, produces cartoons for a diverse number of social and environmental movements.

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