AMBA Book Club: Net Positive

Net Positive

Paul Polman and Andrew Winston

Harvard Business Review Press

The massive dual challenges of climate change and inequality – together with other profound shifts, such as pandemics, resource pressures, and shrinking biodiversity – threaten our very existence. Other megatrends, such as the push for a clean economy and the unprecedented focus on diversity and inclusion, offer exciting new opportunities to heal the world, and prosper by doing so. Government cannot do this alone. Business must step up.

Net Positive reveals key lessons from Unilever, and other pioneering companies around the world, about how you can profit by fixing the world’s problems instead of creating them. To thrive today and tomorrow, the book argues, companies must become ‘net positive’ – giving more to the world than they take. 

This is no utopian fantasy. Courageous leaders are already making it real and the stakes couldn’t be higher. With bold vision and compelling stories, Net Positive sets out the principles and practices that will deliver the scale of change and transformation the world so desperately needs.

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