AMBA Book Club: Provoke


Geoff Tuff, Steven Goldbach and Tom Fishburne


Provoke makes a compelling argument for the proposition that taking a ‘wait and see’ approach is the exact opposite of what helps visionary leaders change the world.

Drawing on principles from business and behavioural economics, it aims to show readers from all walks of life how to provoke action as a mechanism to advance.

Topics covered in the book include:  

  • Five different models of provocation which can be used alone or in combination to anticipate, drive through and exit ‘phase change’ in a way that creates the future you desire
  • How true ‘provocateurs’ shake the foundations of their industries, firms, sectors, and governments by overcoming their need for certainty before action

Geoff Tuff is a Principal with Deloitte. Steven Goldbach is a Principal with Deloitte and Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte USA. Tom Fishburne is Provoke’s illustrator and the creator of Marketoonist, a weekly cartoon series exploring the foibles of business since 2002.

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