AMBA Book Club: The Future of Global Retail

The Future of Global Retail

Winter Nie, Mark J Greeven, Yunfei Feng and James Wang


China’s new retail revolution will transform how the world thinks about retail and digital innovation. But is the world ready yet?

The Future of Global Retail offers an insider’s perspective on what is happening in China to reveal the future for global retail, and a 10-year strategic roadmap to help global executives from across the retail spectrum to prepare.

The book also identifies five critical stages in the development of new retail that global retail executives need to grasp now: lifestyle commerce, Online-Merge-Offline retail, social retail, livestream retail and invisible retail.

Winter Nie is a Professor of Leadership and Organisational Change at IMD Business School (IMD). Mark J Greeven is a Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD. Yunfei Feng is a researcher at IMD. James Wang is a Professor of Finance at City University of Hong Kong.

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