Meet the sponsors

Kortext is a world-renowned digital content and student experience expert, leading the way for digitally enhanced teaching and learning in the global education community.

Kortext is the creator of Kortext Arcturus, a student learning experience and engagement platform providing academic institutions and their students with a gateway to more than two million digital textbooks and learning content from more than 4,700 leading publishers. Thousands of universities and business schools in more than 100 countries partner with Kortext to deliver digital learning materials directly to their students. 

Kortext’s purpose is simple: to empower universities to educate the next generation of difference makers through:  

  • Providing the learning tools and content, via a smart platform, to enable study, connection and collaboration 
  • Developing advanced functionality for academics, students and librarians  
  • Integrating workflows that aid the discovery, acquisition, access and use of learning content 
  • Delivering insightful data on study patterns, behaviours and content usage to academics, librarians, course leaders, university administration and leadership

All of the above is focused on better supporting students’ experience, retention, progression and outcomes.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC®) is a mission-driven association of leading graduate Business Schools worldwide.  

Founded in 1953, GMAC is committed to creating solutions for Business Schools and candidates to better discover, evaluate and connect with each other. In support of this vision, mission and purpose, GMAC provides world-class research, professional development opportunities and assessments for the graduate management education industry, designed to advance the art and science of admission.  

Subsidiaries of GMAC include UK-based online publishing company BusinessBecause, a content rich destination that helps students identify the right-fit business schools during the critical consideration and selection phases of their journey, and The MBA Tour™, which supports Business Schools’ global recruiting efforts by organising business education-focused events around the world.  

GMAC is a global organisation with offices in China, India, Singapore, the UK and the US.  

To learn more about the organisation, please visit

Cengage is a global education and technology company built for learners whose products create learning experiences, building confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Cengage has a single belief, that every student has the potential to be unstoppable, so Cengage designs tools that keep them moving toward their goals.

Recently launched Cengage Unlimited for Institutions is a content subscription service that provides student and faculty access to the entire Cengage collection of digital learning platforms, eTextbooks, online assignments and study tools with ease and seamless delivery. With quality content across a wide range of subject areas, from accounting, finance and economics to leadership, organisational development and entrepreneurship, Cengage Unlimited for Institutions provides all the materials you require for your MBA course. Digital courseware and mobile access enable teaching and learning anytime, anywhere, supporting your MBA programme whether it’s delivered full-time or part-time, through classroom, online or blended learning. 

ETS is a mission-driven non-profit organisation that delivers learning tools, ground-breaking research and trusted assessments to help students, educators and employers see clearly the next step on their path to new possibilities. ETS experts have worked at graduate, business, and law schools, and are available to offer sound guidance about recruitment, assessment and admissions best practices and solutions. ETS’s GRE® Program helps business schools identify, recruit, and admit qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds. Business programs also use the ETS® Major Field Tests to close their assurance of learning loop effectively, by measuring the critical knowledge and understanding learners obtain from their associate’s, bachelor’s, and MBA curricula.  

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Macat is a unique start up incorporated in the United Kingdom to assess and foster critical thinking skills. Macat defines critical thinking as the component skills of problem-solving, analysis, creative thinking, interpretation, evaluation and reasoning (or PACIER). More than a decade of research and a $30 million investment have positioned Macat to become a significant player in the Global skills assessment and development market projected to impact 1 billion people globally and if unaddressed, could result in losses to global GDP that exceed $30 trillion by 2030.

The OECD and Macat International have started a strategic joint research project to develop a standardised assessment of creativity and critical thinking for global higher education that will build on Macat’s assessment/training framework, current standardised test, training content and expertise and will complement the work that OECD has completed with ACT, ETS and CLA+ in PISA, AHELO and PIAC. Macat’s process: TEST, TEACH & TRACK and its products: THE PACIER ASSESSMENT, THE PACIER LIBRARY & THE PACIER MASTERCLASS under the guidance of a world class board of directors and an “A” management team form a strong and coherent response/solution to the global skills gap and crisis.

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that helps digital marketers and developers deliver communications across the customer journey.

It harnesses the power of customer data, powering engagement, conversion and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale. Dotdigital’s easy-to-use platform connects first-party data across systems, surfacing powerful insights and automating predictive cross-channel messages.  

Trusted by 715+ institutions to build communities and drive retention, Ready Education is a leading mobile student engagement platform on a mission to improve student success in higher education worldwide.

Its student-centric mobile solutions meet students where they are and improve communications, access to resources and engagement across campus. With student adoption rates of more than 90% and high app ratings, the platform could be essential to crafting your digital student experience.

Business schools across the world leverage Ready Education’s platforms to build communities, support student organisations, host events and engage their alumni network.