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AMBA educational members receive sizable discounts to attend our events which are hosted in all corners of the world. Members receive ample opportunity to contribute at events, while taking part in thought-provoking discussions. See below why you should consider coming to our events.

Award-winning business educational events

Business Schools play a vital role in preparing students for future employment; by giving them the tools and skills to succeed in their professional lives. And while this is a vital aspect of a Business School, AMBA believes that Schools also need to focus on the personal growth of students. This includes the cultivation of social skills, ethical behavior, self-confidence, and humility, all of which form the foundation to socially conscious and responsible leaders.

Prominent speakers

Listen to business and educational leaders such as Martin Sorrel and Peter Tufano discuss employer needs, business school innovation strategies, and much more. 

Impactful content

We continually keep ourselves appraised of industry and market trends to tailor the most relevant content for your Business School. This includes workshops, research, and debates that promote healthy discussions on the future of business education.

Stunning locations

Our events are meticulously planned to reside in beautiful cities that carry exceptional features, from remarkable architecture to breathtaking vistas, bursting with both rich culture and history. We ensure that a majority of our events come with networking tours that allow delegates to explore the city in detail and learn about its history.

Meaningful networking

AMBA events are targeted towards specific audiences which ensures quality networking time between individuals who share common interests and goals. All our events come with networking sessions, as well as glamorous lunches and dinners that help cultivate an environment of transparent networking. 

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