What is accreditation?

Accreditation is at the heart of AMBA’s commitment to maintaining standards and fostering innovation in global postgraduate management education.

• We accredit MBA, DBA and Master’s Degree programmes at more than 260 Business Schools in over 75 countries;

• AMBA’s accreditation philosophy is centred on impact, employability and learning outcomes;

• Our rigorous accreditation criteria and assessment process ensure that only programmes that demonstrate the highest standards in teaching, learning and curriculum design; career development and employability ;, student, alumni and employer interaction achieve AMBA accreditation;

• Our accreditation is international in scope and reach and we work with senior academics at top global educational institutions to continuously update our accreditation policies and maintain our unique, in-depth and detailed approach;

• We believe accredited programmes should reflect changing trends and innovation in the postgraduate education sector. Our process reflects our commitment to fostering innovation and challenges and encourages business schools to continuously perform at the highest level.


AMBA has taken the strategic decision to limit the number of accredited schools to 300 institutions. If you are interested in pursuing AMBA accreditation and joining the waiting list, please contact accreditation@associationofmbas.com.

Schools who wish to be part of the AMBA & BGA network can do so by applying for BGA (Business Graduates Association) membership, which offers consultancy services, student career support, thought leadership, and access to all of AMBA & BGA’s events at reduced rates. Members can also pursue BGA validation and accreditation, which are impact-focused quality assurance processes. To learn more, click here.

The value of accreditation

AMBA accreditation denotes the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education. 

MBA students and graduates, Business Schools, and employers all recognise it as a gold standard.

For MBA students, AMBA accreditation is an assurance of quality

The decision to embark on an MBA represents a major commitment for students. In a crowded education market, AMBA accreditation ensures students’ investments are rewarded with the finest business education available – and will certainly have a demonstrable impact on career paths.

For employers, AMBA accreditation is a quality mark important when recruiting managers and future business leaders

Employers looking to attract game-changing managers and future business leaders know that graduates from AMBA-accredited programmes have received the best quality, most relevant management education. To recruit a graduate from an AMBA-accredited programmes is to recruit top talent.

For Business Schools, accreditation brings international credibility and status

Accreditation gives Business Schools worldwide recognition and kudos. AMBA accreditation identifies the best programmes from the thousands available, and the developmental nature of our process helps Business Schools spot potential shortcomings. We provide a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for potential future improvements. 

For MBA graduates, accreditation offers the opportunity to connect with peers from the best global MBA programmes

Student and graduate membership to AMBA means alumni can network internationally, knowing that they are connecting with individuals from equally impressive programmes. Our member services include careers advice and support, a job portal, events, access to the latest research and thought leadership and selected offers and benefits. We can open doors and facilitate opportunities.

Become an Accredited Business School

We believe that MBA, DBA and Master’s Degree programmes must maintain the highest quality and remain current amid ever-changing trends and innovation across industry sectors. This is why unlike other accreditation bodies, like AACSB and EQUIS we accredit the programmes directly.

We work with Business Schools to accredit MBA, DBA and Master’s Degree programmes globally, against defined criteria and include input from a variety of stakeholders including business school staff, MBA students and graduates, and employers. Accredited programmes are reviewed at least every five years to ensure quality and improvements are continuous. 





You can download the full criteria and information about the process for each type of programme below. 


You can view the changes to the 2016 AMBA Accreditation criteria in this document: 

AMBA & BGA joint accreditation

Arrange to have your MBA portfolio and your Business School accredited at the same time by AMBA & BGA. 

If you would like to apply for accreditation, need help or have any questions, email the accreditation team

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