Webinar: How to achieve positive sleep and transform your life

Date & time: 20 October 2020 | 12:00 – 13:00 GMT

During this webinar, Giles Watkins will discuss his own sleep struggles and offer guidance, techniques and personal tips that transformed his life and helped him to sleep better.

Along the way he will explain explains the importance and function of sleep and how a lack of sleep typically effects professionals. The webinar will also examine how organisations can promote better sleep. 

As challenges with sleep for professionals reach epidemic proportions in the 21st century, this webinar will provide an invaluable guide for those in positions of responsibility and encourages employee wellbeing in organisations.

About the speaker

Giles is a Coach and Mentor with both Aberkyn and Vistage. He has a master’s in coaching and consulting for change from INSEAD, and more than 30 years of global business and general management experience in enabling decision makers to solve problems, achieve balance, deliver superior results and sleep better at night.