Roundtables and bespoke solutions


If you want to bring your thought leadership to a select group of high-level decision makers, and potential clients, as well as be a part of a discursive issues-led feature in AMBITION, a roundtable provides an innovative solution. 

This would offer you the opportunity to host – alongside AMBA – a high level business discussion with clients, prospects and hand-picked thought leaders. Debate, discuss and collaborate on ideas of interest within your field, having the opportunity for focused face-to-face networking, over a meal in relaxed surroundings. 

The content of the discussion will then be converted into a feature in an issue of AMBITION, our website or within a special report and you will be one of the key contributors. 

This option allows networking with select contacts – both existing and new – and is the perfect occasion to take your key message to a worldwide audience. 

Bespoke Solutions

Our creative and collaborative corporate, events, content and communications teams are keen to develop original and innovative solutions to your marketing needs within the business education space and will be happy to devise a tailored strategy to suit your needs.

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