Best CSR and Sustainability Initiative 2024

The Best CSR and Sustainability Initiative award will honour AMBA & BGA schools that share our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, and that are passionate about making a difference to communities and societies.

The award will recognise business schools that are taking the initiative in creating a sustainable future and teaching students about social values; as well as making a positive impact in practical and measurable ways.


  • AMBA-accredited business schools and BGA member, validated and accredited business schools are invited to nominate themselves if they think they are eligible.


  • Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification. 
  • Late submissions will be disqualified 
  • Incomplete submissions will be disqualified 

Award Criteria  

  • The business school is demonstrating that its programmes are teaching students how businesses can create both economic value and value for society. 
  • The business school is raising awareness of the importance of sustainability and responsible management. 
  • The business school is conducting its programmes in an ethical way. 
  • The business school is working in partnership with local communities, non-profit organisations, charities or businesses with CSR and sustainable values. 
  • Students are able to use these initiative(s) or programme(s) to make a difference. 
  • The initiative is having a positive impact on sustainability  

Judging format 

Shortlisted Schools will be required to provide a school biography, logo (jpeg and eps), and answers to why they should win this award which we will use for marketing purposes.  

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