Learning path: researching employers

A potential employer will decide whether you’re right for their organisation; you should be deciding if that employer is right for you. This learning path explains how to find out more about potential employers, how to research a company before an interview, how to become more commercially aware, and should help you answer the question: ‘Is this a business I want to work for?’

This course guides you through the process of researching employers, from getting to grips with your own wants and needs to understanding what you need to know about them and where to look for that information.

Researching whether a potential employer is the right fit for you is a vital part of the job searching process. You’ll spend a considerable part of your day at work, so it’s important to make sure it’s an environment you feel comfortable in.

If you turn up to your interviews armed with facts and able to talk fluently about the organisation you stand a far greater chance of success. This course gives you a structure and the tools for conducting research into a company which is vital before you apply for a job or go for an interview.

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