Are you looking for different business qualifications? MBMs and DBAs

If you are not in the right situation, don’t have the right experience or an MBA might not be suited to your skills, there are plenty of other options for you to think about.

If you are an experienced manager looking to do management research, you might want to consider a DBA:

What is a DBA?

The DBA is a Doctoral-level, research-based qualification designed to enhance cross-disciplinary professional practice. It explores the application and development of theoretical frameworks, methods, and techniques, placing an emphasis on the application of theory, rather than the creation and testing.

If you are an experienced manager wanting to stretch your research abilities while still working towards something that has a direct practical application, then the DBA could be for you. It can boost your career and the success of your organization by introducing innovative ideas to solve management situations.

The DBA takes a minimum of four years, so you need to be intellectually motivated. Unlike a traditional PhD, the DBA is a bridge between academic knowledge and professional practice, where students uncover  solutions to real management problems.

The Association of MBAs has been accrediting DBA programmes since 2006, providing an independent mark of quality whilst helping people understand exactly what the course has to offer.

If you don’t have the experience required for an MBA or are a recent graduate, but still want the theoretical skills of a business degree, consider an MBM:

What is an MBM?

A Masters in Business and Management (MBM) is ideal for someone pursuing a postgraduate degree in business and management, but who doesn’t have the necessary work experience for an accredited MBA.

Although MBM degrees do not require the same level of work experience as an MBA, they are still designed to equip students with the kind of managerial and leadership skills that will put them on the path towards a successful career in business management.

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