Nine ways a DBA helps business owners

Aston University offers a highly accredited, flexible Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree designed to help motivated business owners use leadership skills, problem-solving, data analysis, mentorship opportunities, and more, to enable success

Discover how completing a DBA degree can help you grow your business and become a thought leader in your industry

1Apply business theory to your business

Business owners with a DBA degree learn business administration skills related to accounting, human resources, business law, operations management and other core areas. Professionals completing their DBA degree can customise their research as they better understand current theories and the latest business strategies.

Although MBA degrees are excellent avenues to learn the fundamentals of business, a DBA is the highest academic qualification in business administration and teaches you how to convert business theory into practice.

2Connect with a mentor and business community

Enrolling in a DBA programme is entryway to a network of international researchers and lifelong mentors. According to Forbes, entrepreneurs with mentors are more satisfied in their jobs, report greater business growth and are more likely to become top performers in their industry. Not only do business professionals feel more satisfied and perform better with a mentor, but they also develop as individuals. A study found that 33% of founders who are mentored by successful entrepreneurs go on to become top performers themselves.

Students enrolled in a DBA at Aston University are paired with a research expert in their field and encouraged to connect with an international alumni network of over 90,000 skilled business professionals.

3Grow your business while completing your degree

Pursuing a DBA shouldn’t slow down your business development. Aston University’s executive DBA couples distance learning with world-class supervision to ensure you receive a comprehensive learning experience. The DBA structure is also designed for professionals working full-time. Business owners can continue to dedicate time to their organisation, while simultaneously acquiring an advanced degree.

4Conduct research directly related to your business

At Aston University, professionals enrolled in a DBA select research topics related to their industry and often use their findings to grow their business and career.

DBA graduate John Blakey, was always fascinated by the relationship between leadership and trust. John began a research project at Aston University and his dedicated research and hard work later became the published book The Trusted Executive about transforming the performance of organisations, delivering better results and growing relationships through the power of trust. John demonstrates that the research from a DBA degree can be transferred to serve your career long-term.

5Leverage data for better business insights

Better data leads to better business outcomes. Business owners with a DBA can use their newfound data analytics skills to research customer behaviour, track insights and create data-informed business plans that drive results.

Aston’s DBA programme is heavily focused on data analytics and research and transmits high-demand skills in courses like:

  • Applied Research Methods
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Professional Development and Research Impact

6Lead with confidence

Experience, education and confidence set leaders apart from other professionals – and a DBA degree can encourage all three. Leaders are lifetime learners that constantly seek new information and skills to foster growth.

In a DBA, you lead the topic, direction, and analysis of your final project with supervision from a skilled expert. Owning a project that takes two to four years to complete imparts the leadership skills needed to run a sustainable business. DBA graduates learn how to manage projects, abide by timelines, and complete long-term objectives – all valuable skills in the entrepreneurial and business management world.

7Make strategic business decisions

Many professionals completing a DBA specialise in business strategy to learn how to make better business decisions. Professionals completing their DBA degree in this area discover the most successful strategic decision-making processes based on extensive research and apply these findings to real-world settings. The final result is a smarter executive with the tools needed to grow their business. 

8Earn international recognition

Earning an accredited DBA degree allows you to build international connections and grow your business in one of the world’s most lucrative business markets. Aston University is globally ranked and recognised alongside other prestigious universities such as Harvard and Pepperdine. Aston’s Executive DBA programme has also been ranked by CEO Magazine as one of the best in the world.

Business professionals hoping to break into international marketplaces and connect with clients, stakeholders and customers from around the world can benefit from a highly recognised UK university. 

9Become a thought leader in your industry

A thought leader is ‘someone who, based on their expertise and perspective in an industry, offers unique guidance, inspires innovation and influences others’. Completing an intensive research assignment through a DBA degree is an opportunity to become an expert in your field.

John Blakey, an executive coach to CEOs, a keynote speaker, an author, and after completing his DBA degree at Aston University, is now considered to be a thought leader in the realm of leadership and trust.

John recognises the impact of his DBA research project on his success when he says: ‘I knew if I wanted to make an impact in the world of leadership, I knew I needed to have that real, substantive research behind my work.’

Grow your business with Aston’s DBA degree

Aston University was awarded Outstanding Entrepreneurial University in Times Higher Education 2020, an award that celebrates Aston’s support for small businesses, the West Midlands region and student entrepreneurship. Aston’s focus on entrepreneurship and connections with local small businesses grants business owners an expansive and international network of like-minded alumni in the community.

Aston has earned triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA the leading accreditation bodies for Business Schools. Stand out as a business leader by earning a degree from Aston, a leading university that is among the elite 1% of business schools worldwide with triple accreditation.

Advance your business goals with an executive DBA degree from Aston University.

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