Almaty Management University has received joint accreditation from AMBA & BGA

Almaty Management University (AlmaU) Graduate School of Business & School of Hospitality and Tourism have officially received joint accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Business Graduates Association (BGA), two of the world’s leading authorities on business education.

AlmaU Graduate School of Business is the dominant provider of MBA programmes in Kazakhstan. AMBA accredits the General MBA, the Modular distance MBA, the MBA in Healthcare, the MBA in Financial engineering, the Joint MBA with Tajikistan and the Double Degree EMBA at the School.

As part of the joint AMBA & BGA accreditation, a panel of assessors comprised of senior Business School leaders from across the globe evaluated the Schools. The panel commended the Graduate School of Business’ position as a leading MBA provider in Central Asia. The panel thought that the School had managed the disruption caused by the pandemic well and had continued to thrive despite the increased competition in the region.

The panel also recognised the School’s collegiate and professional senior leadership team. The assessors noted that there was an impressive number of female staff members in key leadership positions.

Finally, the panel noted the Service learning course* in each of the undergraduate programmes. This mandatory course allows students to undertake volunteering activities, community service projects, and work for non-governmental organisations. This was said to be an embodiment of the School of Hospitality and Tourism’s mission statement and clearly highlighted BGA values.

Dr. Gulnar Kurenkeyeva, AlmaU Rector comments: ‘The successful completion of the joint accreditation by AMBA and BGA is a great recognition of the university’s activities. The panel of assessors considered various parameters of activities – the quality and content of programmes, their response to the market needs, the implementation of international standards and leading practices in business education, and the infrastructural development of the university.

‘AMBA accreditation guarantees MBA and EMBA alumni the recognition of their diplomas worldwide. Since the first accreditation in 2013, they receive a special AMBA certificate in addition to their AmaU GSB diploma.

The BGA accreditation characterises both the Graduate School of Business and the School of Tourism and Hospitality meeting the global standards of Business School governance, as well as management education in general. During the accreditation process, the strategic vision of the Schools, commitment to the principles of sustainable development and responsible management were evaluated. Particular attention was paid to School’s achievements in the development of programmes and projects aimed at serving the society, the implementation of the third mission of universities and the concept of lifelong learning – AlmaU Extension’.

AMBA & BGA’s rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest-calibre Schools, which demonstrate the highest standards in teaching, curricula, and student interaction achieve accreditation.

Upon receiving AMBA accreditation, all current and recent graduates of the School’s MBA portfolio are invited to join AMBA’s global membership network of approximately 57,000 students and alumni in more than 150 countries.

Meanwhile, all undergraduates and alumni from both the Graduate School of Business and the School of Tourism and Hospitality programmes are invited to join BGA’s individual membership network. Through both these organisations, students and graduates can strengthen a community that acts as a force for good in management thought and practice, through exclusive events and business content.

AMBA & BGA accreditation is international in scope and reach, and the organisation works with senior academics at top educational institutions around the world, to update accreditation criteria continuously and maintain one unique, in-depth and detailed approach.

AMBA & BGA believes accredited Schools should be of the highest standard and reflect changing trends and innovation in post-graduate management education.  As such, the accreditation process reflects this commitment to fostering innovation and challenges Business Schools to perform at the highest level continuously.

Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of AMBA & BGA, said: ‘I am delighted to congratulate Almaty Management University on not only receiving AMBA re-accreditation, but joining the fastest growing network of Business Schools, BGA. The School is clearly committed to the principles of responsible management and it is therefore fitting that this School is joining this exclusive network.’


For more information or interviews, please contact:

Almaty Management University (AlmaU)

Graduate School of Business and School of Tourism and Hospitality

The Graduate School of Business (GSB) has been the heart of AlmaU since its establishment in 1988. The Graduate School of Business was created in 1996, bringing together MBA and DBA Departments and the Centre of Executive Education.

The activities of the Graduate School of Business have positive impact on the economic, political and cultural development of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region. The Graduate School of Business is represented by more than 700+ students, 50+ faculty and staff. Its MBA, EMBA, DBA, PhD and Executive education programmes are positively evaluated by thousands of prominent alumni and respected partners in Kazakhstan and abroad.

GSB AlmaU is the only higher educational institution in Central Asia with MBA, EMBA programs accredited by AMBA (2013-2026), ranked in the top 250 best business schools in the world and in the top 35 in Asia according to QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2022, as well as no.22 in the QS Executive MBA Rankings 2021: Joint Programmes. GSB AlmaU is now accredited by BGA (2021-2026) that highlights its commitment to responsible management practices.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) was created in 2018 by growing from the Center of Tourism and Hospitality (est. 2017). The School delivers two undergraduate programmes: Restaurant and Hotel Business and Tourism and Event Management, both offering double degree opportunity. The STH is represented by more than 600+ students, 700+ alumni, 20+ faculty and staff, half of whom are practitioners from the hospitality industry.

The academic process is aimed at developing specialized programmes in hospitality management. The faculty of the school are practitioners, top managers of restaurants and international hotel chains. They regularly teach and deliver workshops sharing their business management experience (making it 50% of courses delivered in a dual format jointly with corporate partners (hotels and restaurants)). A combination of international partners, academic mobility, career days, job fairs and internships at leading hotels and restaurants help STH students and alumni find jobs and build successful careers in hospitality. STH inspires its students to pursue career and personal growth throughout their studies and lives. The School is a recognised market leader in delivering “Restaurant and hotel business” in Kazakhstan.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality is # 1 in Kazakhstan according to the national programmes “Atameken” ranking for 2018-2020​ years, and # 1 in undergraduate student recruitment (250 students in 2020, 274 – in 2021) at AlmaU​.

*Service learning course is a project launched by the AlmaU School of Politics and Law and expanded to the rest of the university. The course allows shaping the experience of social service to society and the education of humanity, moral values and citizenship through theoretical training, and socially useful activities for the benefit of socially vulnerable segments of the population. It also allows formulating and understanding the main problems of society, conducting a critical analysis of social projects and the ability to work.  Service Learning has become inseparable part of AlmaU curriculum offered to all first year undergraduate students since 2015. AlmaU is the first university in Kazakhstan to introduce Service learning as a course.

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