EM Normandie’s MBM programme receives AMBA-accreditation

EM Normandie officially received accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the world’s leading authorities on post-graduate business education, demonstrating its continuing commitment to excellence in management education.

Upon receiving AMBA accreditation, all current MBM students and recent MBM graduates of EM Normandie are invited to join AMBA’s global member community of more than 60,000 students and alumni in more than 150 countries on a free basis, for networking, thought leadership, career development, and a variety of benefits.

Accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) represents the highest standard of achievement in post-graduate business education. Its rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest-calibre programmes which demonstrate the best standards in teaching, curriculum, and student interaction achieve Association of MBAs accreditation.

EM Normandie is a private stand-alone not-for-profit institution, which has campuses in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dubai, Dublin and Oxford. AMBA has recently accredited the Grande Ecole Programme at the business school.

Members of AMBA’s accreditation panel commended the school’s impressive steps to achieving innovation in business education. As evidence of this, they gave examples of the school developing classrooms for the future with new forms of lecture spaces and new contexts in which students could learn.

The panel also noted the dynamic leadership of the dean and the general director and senior team, for their successful management of the covid pandemic and the move to the new building in Paris. The panel thought that the new facilities in Paris and in Le Havre were outstanding.

Finally, the panel commented on the level of interest in and willingness to be involved in the school by alumni and employers.

“We are very pleased and proud to have obtained this new international accreditation which underlines the academic excellence of our School, the quality of our research, our close links with the professional world and our strong international outlook. I would sincerely like to thank and congratulate the Faculty, our network of Alumni, the Foundation and all the stakeholders of EM Normandie for their involvement in the acquisition of this recognition of excellence. With this ‘Triple Crown’ we are moving closer to our ambition, by 2030, EM Normandie aims to become France’s leading post-baccalaureate higher education and research institution with a world-class reputation.” adds Elian Pilvin, EM Normandie Dean and Chief Executive Officer.

AMBA accreditation is international in scope and reach, and AMBA works under the belief that accredited programmes should be of the highest standard and reflect changing trends and innovation in post-graduate management education. Its accreditation process reflects this commitment to fostering innovation, and demanding Business Schools to perform at the highest level continually.

Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (BGA) said: “I am delighted that EM Normandie has received accreditation for its Grande Ecole Programme. This school is internationally renowned for its quality and it is continually investing in its development. I look forward to working with this school in the future.”


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About EM Normandie

EM Normandie was founded in 1871 and was one of the first major French business schools. It has now built an international reputation and has both EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA accreditation. The school operate six campuses (Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford, Dublin and Dubai), and 6,300 students and professionals are currently enrolled on the school’s initial and continuous qualifying training courses. Its 23,000 Alumni Association members are based all over the world. EM Normandie trains future managers, socially responsible leaders who will be equipped to drive change in a multicultural environment. It also supports company employees and executives throughout their careers.


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