Leading Teams


Understanding the dynamics of effective team leadership means better output, happier and more inspired people, and a smoother workflow. This course will outline what you need to understand to plan, build, and lead the most effective and productive teams possible. When a team is functioning at its best, something magical happens. Everyone is focused, everyone is excited, and the synergy between people grows exponentially. This can be called a team of trust, and the last chapter in this unit looks specifically at that concept. When you become a leader who can lead a team to this level, you become the kind of leader who is most in demand: someone who leads others to realize their full potential.

Additional information

Course Duration

2-4 hours with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

Topics Covered

✓ Planning for Your Team
✓ Building the Team
✓ Leading the Team
✓ Team Meetings
✓ Team Problem-solving
✓ Teams of Trust