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Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, The University of the West Indies
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Course: EMBA
Qualification: MBA
Duration: 30 months
Delivery Mode: Part Time
Cost: 10k to 20k
About the School

The UWI- Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, though based in Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago, is truly International in scope. As the innovators and trendsetters in education, we will challenge you and develop you into a leader, with the capacity to make a profound difference in your life as well as in the lives of others. We purposefully provide access to topnotch resources that will accelerate your progression and growth, to set you on your path to achieving your professional goals and ultimately self-actualization.

We provide for our stakeholders a world-class, dynamic environment for continuous learning and action aimed at problem-solving and innovation in management and business. The ALJGSB will mould individuals into extraordinary, innovative leaders who positively reshape business and society while constantly challenging the status quo.

About the course
Coming soon.