AMBA & BGA International MBA Survey 2020: the class of 2020

International AMBA & BGA Survey reveals what it was like to be an MBA student in 2020

AMBA & BGA’s International MBA Survey sought to ascertain how students are managing to balance their studies and other commitments, in the face of an unprecedented pandemic.

The study of 752 MBA students shows that the class of 2020 was riding the chaos of the current global uncertainty and making the most of their unique MBA experience. Overall, more than half (51%) said that the MBA experience was exceeding their expectations. In fact, a sizeable 84% said the MBA experience either met or exceeded their expectations so far.

Key findings

  • 84% of MBA students said that, at the time of completing the survey, the MBA experience was exceeding or living up to their expectations, despite social distancing and lockdown policies.
  • A quarter of MBA students (25%) rated their teaching as excellent; 43% said it is very good and 24% said it is fairly good.
  • 80% of MBA students rated the services provided by their Business School’s careers team as excellent, very good, or fairly good.
  • 65% of MBA students rated their School’s networking with employers as excellent, very good, or fairly good.
  • 80% of MBA students said that the MBA had provided very good or fairly good value for money.
  • The most popular reason for choosing an MBA among current students is ‘to acquire more skills and knowledge about the business world’ (cited by 70% of participants); this is followed closely by ‘to expand my area of expertise’ (cited by 69%).
  • 60% of current students applied for just one MBA programme; 18% applied for two and about 16% applied for three or more.
  • The number of offers received was largely in line with the number of applications made, with 60% receiving one offer; 21% receiving two; and 16% receiving three or more.

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