MBA graduates outline diverse ongoing learning and development needs, as they navigate a complex working environment, post-Business School

Exclusive lifelong learning research from AMBA & BGA shows that more than a third of graduates have sought to continue their education beyond their MBA programme, and outlines their areas of interest.  Key findings 
  • Just over a third (34%) of MBA graduates have accessed lifelong learning post-MBA from their own Business School. 
  • MBA graduates are most interested in tech-related refreshers. The most popular topic cited by respondents was data analytics for managers (47%) closely followed by digital strategy (45%). Other popular topics among survey participants, included strategy execution (42%), global leadership (41%) and global strategy (39%).  
  • Almost three quarters of MBA alumni who had taken part in postgraduate lifelong learning opportunities from Business Schools said they were either ‘very satisfied’ (32%) or ‘fairly satisfied’ (41%), with what they had completed or attended.   
  • Reflecting on their own MBA experience 71% of MBA graduates polled were either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘fairly satisfied’ with the impact that their MBAs had had on their careers to date, despite their requirement for ongoing learning and development. 

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