Outlining MBA perceptions of the future of work

AMBA & BGA partnered with Hult International Business School’s Career Development and Employer Relations team to deliver its annual Career Connections Online Forum on Thursday 2 April 2020.

The organisation invited prestigious employers to connect with MBA students and graduates from across its global community to network online. This online forum included a panel discussion with expert international MBA recruiters who discussed their views on AI and robotics, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability and responsible management and how these issues could impact the careers landscape of tomorrow.

Those who attended the panel discussion were asked three questions about their perceptions on the future of work. These questions were:

1. To what extent do you think the careers to which we aspire, are under threat of being taken over by AI?

2. To what extent do you think it’s time we stopped talking about ‘female’ leadership or ‘BAME’ leadership and just started talking about leadership?

3. What needs to change in Business, for society to trust in its ability to make a positive difference in the world?

We have created a white paper sharing some of our participants’ answers. 

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