Research call for participants: alternative education approaches for a volatile world

In our volatile world, it is doubtful there exists a single method of preparing students for doing business in a global context that is unquestionably the best method for all academic institutions.

However, the more we know about alternative approaches and methods, the better we are able to decide which are most suitable and feasible for our students, academic institutions, and locations.  

It is also one of our professional obligations as educators to exchange our individual and institutional perspectives and experiences with others in our field.

For these reasons, AMBA & BGA – alongside AACSB and the Academy of International Business – is sponsoring a survey for deans of Business Schools around the world, to measure the extent to which Schools have internationalised their faculty, curricula and other activities.

What we learn, we will share with you and the results will be available from the authors by Autumn 2020. 

Please respond online by 10 February 2020 using the link:

Questions that call for opinions or evaluations will be analysed and summarised in such a way that the identity of the individual business school will be protected.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Prof. Carl Fey, Aalto University,

Prof. Robert Grosse, Thunderbird School of Global Mgt,

Prof. Chuck Kwok, University of South Carolina,

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