Reviewing the development and future of digital assessment

The world of digital assessment has developed significantly in recent years. Students no longer expect to be examined on paper or antiquated IT platforms, and business schools are acting now to meet these expectations. Furthermore, with the pressure on academic workload, now more than ever it is important that digital assessment platforms help rather than hinder in this regard.

This webinar will feature a panel discussion, including Dr. Tim Wakeley and Prof. Donald Lancaster – leading figures in UK business education who are embracing digital assessment right now. Join us, as we explore the experience our panellists have had in adopting new technologies to support assessment, and as we examine what the future may hold for digital assessment within higher education.

Meet our speakers

Prof. Donald Lancaster

Dr. Tim Wakeley

Fiona Orel

About Inspera

Inspera provides a secure, cloud-based, end-to-end assessment platform that supports your organisation’s examination cycle entirely on-screen, from initial question creation to exam delivery and collaborative marking. Whether you hold assessments on-site or remote, open or closed book, Inspera offers a flexible, robust solution for today’s institutions.  

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