Digital Credentials


AMBA is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Accredible to provide you with digital badges to showcase your student or graduate membership; allowing you to share your affiliation with your peers, colleagues, employers and others within your network.

By purchasing an AMBA digital badge, you can highlight your commitment to ongoing professional development as a member of our association.


Recent research completed by AMBA & BGA asked employers to rate important factors when considering (MBA) graduates for their open positions. The category identified as the most important was if an applicant came from a well-respected, accredited Business School.

By purchasing an AMBA digital certificate, as a graduate from an AMBA-accredited programme, you can effortlessly highlight the value of your MBA degree to employers and others in your professional network, and demonstrate that you completed your studies at one of the world’s top Business Schools for MBA programmes.

Certificate and Badge package

Purchase both the certificate and badge package at an exclusive discounted rate.  

Frequently asked questions

Digital credentials are a convenient way to help you communicate a membership or qualification online in a secure way. These credentials can be in the format of a digital badge or digital certificate.

These badges and certificates are portable, verifiable, and uniquely linked to you. By providing these digitally, you can promote your AMBA/BGA membership more easily to potential employers and your professional network.

All AMBA/BGA members are eligible to purchase a digital badge. There are two versions available depending on if you are a student member (currently studying towards your business/MBA degree) or a graduate member (who has graduated from your business/MBA degree).

Once you purchase and are issued a membership digital badge, it is valid for five years, after which you will have the option to renew.

Any AMBA/BGA member who has graduated from an AMBA/BGA Business School is eligible to purchase an AMBA/BGA digital certificate.

Obtaining an AMBA/BGA digital certificate can help increase your visibility to employers and recruiters, and develop your professional networks through the following channels:

  • Linking to your social media platforms such as LinkedIn, for wider recognition of your professional achievements
  • Download your badge or certificate to use on your email signature, business cards or your CV
  • Print your certificates to present physical versions to interviews or meetings
  • Opt-in to the digital register which offers an online, searchable record of your credentials

Additional benefits of using digital badges and certificates include:

  • Access to job market insights and opportunities that relate to your skills and gain salary insights per country, via Adzuna
  • Achieve cohesive personal branding through use of certificates and badges across various platforms
  • Identify, view and connect with other members via social media

One of the valuable features of a digital badge is your ability to share this with your networks. Within the Accredible platform, which holds your credentials there are options to share your badge to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as a post. There is also the option of including this badge under the education or certification area within your LinkedIn profile.

Another way you can promote your membership, is by sharing your badge in email signatures or embed your badge on your CV/resume.

Employers and others within your professional network can easily verify your credentials – whether it is a digital badge or certificate. Once you share this (through any of the options above), a viewer can verify its authenticity by searching your unique ID or clicking the link, which directs the verifying party to view the full details of your badge/certificate.

To further strengthen the verification of your AMBA/BGA membership badge or degree certificate, Accredible utilises Blockchain technology to ensure that credentials remain uneditable and fraud-proof.