The top benefits of returning to university as a mature student

Organisations need experienced business professionals to continue their learning journey and elevate their leadership skills, no matter their age. A reputable Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree allows working professionals to dive deeper into a topic of their interest, work one-on-one with seasoned researchers and apply insights to their careers in real-time

What are the benefits of being a mature student?

Working professionals across various age groups, industries and locations can benefit from upskilling and reskilling in a flexible online learning environment. Current and future executives seeking advanced knowledge in their fields often enrol in a DBA  to experience numerous benefits.

1Gain valuable mentorship: Mentorship is a valuable asset that can be difficult to seek out independently. Aston University pairs DBA students with experienced researchers who are working at the top of their field and have demonstrated academic or organisational experience that aligns with each student’s unique projects and goals.

Aston University DBA graduate Dr John Blakey is a world-renowned executive coach to CEOs, keynote speaker and best-selling author. The DBA programme allowed John to connect with Dr Ann Davis, an occupational psychology expert who was integral in helping John publish his influential book, ‘The Trusted Executive.’

2Earn a higher salary: Mature students use advanced degrees to garner promotions, enter lucrative leadership roles, and increase their lifetime earnings with higher salary opportunities. The latest data released by the UK’s Department for Education determined mature students who invest time and money in higher education earn higher salaries. Though salaries vary by industry and experience, typically DBA graduates can expect to earn an average salary of $102,000 (approximately £73,000).

3Experience flexibility and self-paced learning: An online DBA degree is designed to be highly flexible for busy professionals who must balance full-time careers with their coursework. Aston employs a self-paced learning style, a style that allows students to complete coursework within their schedule.

‘I loved being able to study and engage with fellow students and lecturers from the comfort of my home,’ says Debbie Rangousis, a business development consultant and graduate from Aston University’s online MBA programme. The flexibility to continue working full-time whilst learning immediately applicable skills for the workplace is a significant benefit for mature students enrolled in an online business programme.

4Upskill and reskill to boost your career: The world is changing at a rapid pace, from ongoing technological innovation to changes ushered in by a retiring population of baby boomers. Self-motivated mature students who enrol in a DBA meet a demand in the workforce and are more appealing candidates for job promotions, new careers and leadership positions.

‘Without concerted action by employers, two-thirds of the UK workforce could lack basic digital skills by 2030, while more than ten million people could be under-skilled in leadership, communication and decision making,’ the management consultancy McKinsey & Company warns. Mature students who gain new skills in a DBA open the door to a world of opportunity and fill the workforce’s skill gap.

Overcome common excuses that prevent mature students from pursuing a DBA

Aston University’s programme structure, financial aid, and mentorship opportunities set mature students up for success. Although mature students may have reservations about returning to s

School, Aston addresses each concern with the necessary support and resources.

‘I can’t keep up with the new technology’

Aston University’s Virtual Learning Environment is an intuitive platform that makes online learning easy for everyone. Aston University pairs each student with a Success Advisor who aids with onboarding, familiarising students with the online tools, and answering questions through hands-on, personalised support. Aston University also offers students a series of video tutorials to walk through the basics of navigating modules, quizzes and tests, and online materials.

‘I don’t have enough time’

Mature students can achieve work-life-school balance as they juggle conflicting priorities. Although achieving balance with a busy schedule may be challenging, Aston University makes it possible. Aston University offers features that make studying from home easy for mature students, including:

  • 100% online learning
  • Flexible study options designed for full-time professionals
  • Programme completion in four – six years
  • Triple accreditation and worldwide recognition

‘I won’t fit in with the other students’

Aston University is recognised across the world and regarded as the top 1% of elite Business Schools and one of the top 100 Schools to complete a business and management degree. This environment attracts a diversified range of students from across the world.

Mature students at Aston University are welcomed into a community from the day they enrol. The Aston University community hosts over 90,000 international alumni who present mentorship, networking opportunities and entrance to a far-reaching business worldview. Joining a passionate worldwide community is one of the most rewarding benefits of online learning.

‘I don’t know if this is a worthwhile investment’

Mature students can use their degree to start their career, pivot to a different career or experience mobility in their existing job. Returning to School as a mature student can open doors for lucrative job opportunities, expedite social mobility, produce higher salaries and impart employability skills. Mature students that look at the big picture realise that a DBA will increase their lifetime earning potential.

Why study with Aston University?

Aston’s graduate business programmes are tailored to accommodate working professionals with busy schedules that want to upskill, earn promotions, experience career mobility and join an inspirational online community.

Aston University is a globally distinguished university that is proudly recognised by numerous education authorities, including:

  • University of the Year, The Guardian 2020
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurial University, Times Higher Education 2020
  • Triple accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA
  • 30th Best University in the UK, The Guardian University Guide 2021

Learn more about the online DBA programme at Aston University.

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