MBA Leadership Award 2022

The MBA Leadership Award will honour alumni from AMBA-accredited Business Schools who have been making an impact in the business world following their graduation.

The award will recognise the great work of these graduates through their achievements, performance and recognition. This important award will give graduates the chance to stand out and showcase their work following graduation.


This award is open for AMBA-accredited Business School to nominate one alumnus / alumna who has graduatemore than three (3) years  prior to the opening date of the awards, and who they think is eligible based on the award criteria. Only one nomination can be accepted from each School. 

Judges will be looking for 

  • A devoted graduate who has been an exceptional leader and ambassador for the Business School 
  • Someone that has showcased how the MBA has enhanced their value in the business world through leadership, entrepreneurship or innovation 
  • Someone that has graduated from an AMBA-accredited Business School (more than three years ago) 
  • Evidence that highlights their qualities, excellence, performance and leadership contributions both within the field of higher education and also in the business world 
  • A strong narrative demonstrating personal and professional growth following graduation 
  • Evidence of a passion for lifelong learning and ongoing development 
  • Evidence of how the nominee is using their MBA to make an impact and the results of this 
  • Evidence of how the nominee is inspiring, leading and motivating others; and examples of achievements and successes 


  • Students / graduates may NOT nominate themselves for this award 
  • Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification 
  • Late submissions will be ineligible 
  • Incomplete submissions will be ineligible 

Judging format 

Shortlisted finalists will be required to supply additional information regarding their businesses and supporting their nomination. Finalists will also be asked to provide a biography, photo and answers to why they should win this award which we will use for marketing purposes.  

Following receipt of the supporting documents, finalists will be invited to a telephone interview with the judges.