A Diamond in the Rough in the AMBA Book Club

A Diamond in the Rough

Steven Van Belleghem

Lannoo Publishers

Approximately 80 per cent of CEOs think their company is customer-centric, but only eight per cent of customers agree. Why is it that so many business leaders repeatedly fail at something they want so badly? And what sets apart the small handful of organisations that are the true shining diamonds of customer experience?

A Diamond in the Rough distils decades of experience and thousands of conversations with CX professionals into simple, practical advice that any company can apply in their day-to-day business. Rather than focus on big picture strategies, it identifies and outlines 100 small changes that will add up to ‘polish’ what your organisation is already doing well and refine the things that need to be improved.

Over the past 20 years, Steven Van Belleghem has helped to shape the customer experience strategy of some of the world’s most famous brands, including Disney, Microsoft, Google and Booking.com.

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