Edhec launches new master’s degree with ESMT Berlin and Imperial College

Edhec Business School, ESMT Berlin and Imperial College Business School are jointly launching the Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) Europe Master’s Degree

The three-year programme, commencing this autumn, will allow students to take courses in Risk Modelling, Predictive Analysis, AI and Society, Design Thinking for Innovation and Impact and Technology and Innovation Management, among others. Students will also have the opportunity to discover dynamic urban campuses in Paris, Berlin and London and gain a global perspective of sustainable development and tech innovation.

The GETT Europe’s rigorous curriculum will introduce students to those new technologies shaping society, while also teaching them about the kind of environmental challenges that pose a threat to the future of the planet, according to Edhec. It will also provide them with the strategy and managerial skills necessary to pilot global projects and lead multicultural teams.

The GETT Europe stands alongside Edhec’s existing USA-Asia GETT, which enables students to study on three continents: in North America at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, in Asia at Sungkyunkwan University’s Graduate School of Business in Seoul and in Europe on Edhec’s Paris campus.

Commenting on the new venture, Edhec Business School director Tristan-Pierre Maury said: “Following the success of our USA-Asia GETT programme on three continents, we are delighted to launch the GETT Europe, a comprehensive and demanding hybrid curriculum that meets students’ new expectations. Thanks to an alliance between three of Europe’s leading institutions, this programme offers both a unique experience of international immersion and cutting-edge training to understand today’s technological challenges.”

Meanwhile, Leila Guerra, vice-dean of education at Imperial College Business School, noted: “The GETT Europe programme is a bold step forward in our mission to nurture leaders who thrive in a complex, global economy and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation and offers an immersion into three of Europe’s leading cities, as well as expanding the frontiers of technology, entrepreneurship and management.”

Lastly, ESMT director of external engagement Berlin Roland Siegers added his take on the programme: “We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration with our long-term partner Edhec and welcoming students from this prestigious master’s programme to Berlin from 2025 onwards. Here, students will benefit from our brand-new suite of specialised master programmes and be able to deepen their knowledge of analytics and AI.”

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