AMBA Student of the Year Award 2024

AMBA’s Student of the Year Award plays a pivotal role in supporting AMBA’s pledge to promote the MBA as the leading international business qualification.

The AMBA Student of the Year Award recognises students who have shown exceptional career potential and who AMBA believes can act as ambassadors for the high quality of accredited MBAs and the opportunities these programmes provide for students.

This award doesn’t just recognise ‘straight-A’ students but also focuses on leadership potential and career progression.

The award is open to any current MBA student from an AMBA-accredited school. AMBA-accredited business schools are invited to nominate one MBA student who they think is eligible based on the Award Criteria. Only one nomination can be accepted from each School. 

The Business School must inform the nominee of their intention to nominate. 


  • Students may NOT nominate themselves for this award 
  • Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification 
  • Late submissions will be ineligible 
  • Incomplete submissions will be ineligible 

Award Criteria 

  • The nominee shows potential for leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation 
  • The nominee has proven to be a good school representative / ambassador (e.g. staff / student liaison) 
  • The nominee has demonstrated the practical application of their MBA
  • The nominee has made a contribution to their MBA programme. This could be through, for example the international dimension of the programme or playing a mentoring role 
  • There is evidence of contributions to group dynamics, leading group discussions, inciting debate, and being a good overall team player  
  • There is evidence of the nominee making a valuable contribution to programme development (giving feedback / constructive comment)  
  • That the nominee is a stand-out individual – not just within their own business school, but among all aspiring business leaders

Judging format 

Shortlisted finalists will be invited to a zoom interview with the judges for this award. We will also request finalists to provide a biography, photo and answers to why they should win this award which we will use for marketing purposes.

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