AMBA & BGA stands in support of INCAE and in condemnation of the closure of the school’s operations in Nicaragua

INCAE (with its main campuses in Costa Rica and Nicaragua) is a highly-respected institution which leads the world in sustainability and sets the standards for impact in Latin American management education.  Since its creation, INCAE has been faithful to its mission of actively contributing to the sustainable development of Nicaragua and the region, standing out with transformative education for the improvement of the economy and the environment. More than 4,000 individuals have graduated from the Nicaragua campus whose lives were transformed for a better future in Latin America.

The recent developments in Nicaragua undermine academic freedom, discourage international collaboration and are a huge loss not only for the country but also for the whole of Latin America.

The international community stands united in our support for INCAE and in our condemnation of the closure of the School’s operations in Nicaragua. We are pleased that INCAE remains active in Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America for the betterment of the region’s economy and society.

Andrew Main Wilson

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