The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia’s MM programme receives AMBA re-accreditation

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia has officially received re-accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the world’s leading authorities on post-graduate business education, demonstrating its continuing commitment to excellence in management education.

Upon receiving AMBA accreditation, all current MM students and recent MM alumni of The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia are invited to join AMBA’s global member community of more than 60,000 students and alumni in more than 150 countries on a free basis, for networking, thought leadership, career development, and a variety of benefits.

Accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) represents the highest standard of achievement in post-graduate business education. Its rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest-calibre programmes which demonstrate the best standards in teaching, curriculum, and student interaction achieve Association of MBAs accreditation.

The University of Indonesia is the oldest institution of its kind in Indonesia and considered locally as one of the best in the country. The Faculty of Economics & Business was established in 1950 and awards a range of degrees at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral level.

Members of AMBA’s accreditation panel, representing senior management at AMBA-accredited Business schools globally, commended the school’s new Centre for Education and Learning in Economics and Business (CELEB), which intends to develop local case studies for teaching. The panel thought this was an exciting new initiative which will further support the MM programme and faculty.

The panel also mentioned that the staff at the school were engaged and knowledgeable about the programme, and the student learning journey.

“Regaining AMBA re-accreditation for the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (FEB UI), represented by Master of Management Program (a MBA program of FEB UI), is a testament to the continuous transformation process and the commitment to excellence in management education. AMBA re-accreditation is not the end of the journey, re-accreditation is a means for FEB UI to nurture inclusive, relevant, and reputable leaders continuously” said Dean Teguh Dartanto.

AMBA accreditation is international in scope and reach, and AMBA works under the belief that accredited programmes should be of the highest standard and reflect changing trends and innovation in post-graduate management education. Its accreditation process reflects this commitment to fostering innovation, and demanding business schools to perform at the highest level continually.

Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (BGA) said: ‘The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia is an important part of the AMBA network, which includes only the top 2% of business schools globally. This network champions best practice, responsible management and sustainability. I look forward to continuing to work with The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia in the future.’

For more information or interviews, please contact:
• Ellen Buchan, Insight, Content and PR Manager, AMBA & BGA –
• Prof. Rofikoh Rokhim, Ph.D., Director of MM-MBA Program, FEB UI –
• Arviansyah, Ph.D., Vice Director of MM-MBA Program, FEB UI –

About Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia

Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia is one of the 14 faculties under Universitas Indonesia (UI), a leading university in Indonesia. FEB UI has contributed significantly to the development of Indonesia’s economic policies and progress since its establishment in 1950. The missions of FEB UI are to contribute to knowledge development in economics and business and to cultivate future leaders who are socially responsible and able to address global challenges. FEB UI has six research, consulting, and training institutes which have played a major role in continuously improving the country, industry, and society through establishing and maintaining strong networks with industries and the government.

Master of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (MM FEB UI) is a higher education program under the Faculty of Economics and Business that offers education at the Master level and Professional Education program. The objective of MM FEB UI establishment mainly is to deliver qualified candidates for professional managers. In addition, this program is also expected to become the role models for the development of other Master of Management program by other educational institutions in Indonesia. This school was officially established on October 8th, 1988.

MM FEB UI together with 31 world-renowned business school are joined the members of Global Network for Advance Management (GNAM). This network is an initiative by Yale School of Management. Its members include 32 of the best business schools in the world. Through this collaboration, MM FEB UI develops a curriculum that responds to global needs, and MM students will be able to participate in programs at various major world campuses by utilizing a network of alumni and students from well-known campuses in 30 countries. MM FEB UI has been joining this network since 2012.

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