Managing Conflict


No matter how much we all try to avoid it, no matter how good a communicator we are or how effective a leader, conflict is inevitable. And not all of it is bad! Some kinds of conflict push us to re-examine what we think we know and strive to be our best. Even conflict that feels less-than-positive can give us the opportunity to practice conflict resolution and listening. This course will look at different kinds of conflict and how to best deal with them, including what to do when conflict happens, how to minimize or remove barriers to conflict resolution, how to handle high maintenance relationships, and some tried-and-true rules for conflict resolution. You just might find these useful in every part of your life, with positive results for relationships at home, the office, and beyond.

Additional information

Course Duration

2-4 hours with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

Topics Covered

✓ Defining Conflict
✓ Principles of Conflict
✓ What to Do with Conflict
✓ Barriers to Conflict Resolution
✓ High Maintenance Relationships
✓ Rules for Conflict Resolution