Research and Insight Centre

We seek to collaborate with Business Schools and corporate partners in order to further enhance AMBA’s research offering. If you would be interested in partnering on research, or even sharing your thoughts on what topics you would like AMBA to explore, then please contact Ellen Buchan at 

Please see below or search for AMBA’s previous research studies.

AMBA’s Research and Insight Centre operates with the aim of providing thought-leadership and understanding to the global Business School and wider business community. Our in-house team delivers research projects which cover a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies that look to understand current issues and trends within the business management education sector. 

Some of our regular projects include:

Application and Enrolment

This study, conducted annually since 2007, looks into the average number of applications and enrolments around the globe from AMBA-accredited Business Schools. It provides insight into the demographic background of applications and enrolments, where they come from and how the programmes are delivered. 

MBA Careers Survey

AMBA’s Careers Survey looks to measure the experiences and perceptions of recent MBA graduates towards their MBA, how they will apply the skills they have learnt and where they see their career going in the future. It looks to assess the contribution of the MBA and how it impacts on students’ experiences and career outcomes. 

Views from the Top

This regular project seeks to understand the perspectives of Deans and other leaders within Business Schools globally. It looks to understand key issues that are occurring within the sector, how they are impacting on Business Schools and ways in which they are responding. 

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