AMBA Book Club: Leading with Compassion

Leading with Compassion

Gregory E Worden


Business schools teach the transactional tools one needs to work in business. They teach various strategic planning and decision-making models. They teach about the various functions of an organisation. They may even have a class on business ethics. But are those tools more about knowing where the business-case boundaries are as a risk prevention measure, than helping students to think about how they should comport themselves as a leader?

Leading with Compassion is about helping you to become your best self and helping those around you to achieve their best. It’s about authenticity, integrity, and empathy and how these simple traits can lead to high performance.

The book is organised around four major constructs: personal leadership; building and maintaining high-performing teams; building an agile organisational culture; and a message of simple optimism. There are many challenges facing society today, but with thoughtful, engaging leaders there is hope that we can collectively rise to the challenge.

Gregory E Worden is currently teaching at the College of William and Mary and the University of Maryland University College.

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