The Customer Copernicus

Charlie Dawson and Seán Meehan


Some companies are great for customers – not only do they care but they change whole markets to work better for the customers they serve. Think of Amazon, easyJet and Sky. They make things easier and improve what really matters – obvious, surely? They have also enjoyed huge business success, growth and profits.

The Customer Copernicus answers the question that follows – if it’s obvious and attractive why is it so rare? It then answers a second question, because Tesco, O2 and Wells Fargo were like this once. Why, having mastered it, would you ever stop? Because all three did, and two ended up in court.

The Customer Copernicus explains how to become and how to stay customer-led. It is designed for leaders and teams who want their organisations to stay competitive by developing a more purposeful and innovative culture.

Charlie Dawson is the Founder of The Foundation, a London-based consultancy.
Seán Meehan is the Martin Hilti Professor of Marketing and Change Management at IMD Business School, Switzerland.

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